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Rossett's Catering Services was established in 1999. Due to part of our  

expansion, we have renamed our company to

Deli2Go Pte Ltd


Deli2Go is run by a group of hoteliers who have previously managed the Banqueting Department of some of the well established

5 Stars hotels such as The Oriental and Marriott.


Almost two decade ago, we decided to start our catering business with a difference.

"Catering to Seminar And Workshop"


Today We Make The Difference Again

We lead the change in the catering industries by introducing Self Heated Technology .

We understand office or home party which come in small group of guests have no warmers provided.

No choice but cold food from the caterer .


Now , with our introduction of the Self Heated Drop off Catering ,

food are no more cold or warm ,

The Answer Is HOT!

Your solution is just a phone call away




Deli2Go Pte Ltd

107 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-1832 Singapore 160107